Why Bomb City Safes?

Bomb City is a nickname for Amarillo due the nearby location of Pantex, the nation’s only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility. Dealing with nuclear weapons requires a high degree of security that the average person may never personally encounter.


Homes and businesses may not need a Pantex level of security but safes can provide a level of security and peace of mind that the average dresser drawer or office desk cannot. Safes should be an integral part of every home and business security solution. They act as a deterrent to those intent on robbing you of your valuables as well as protection from disasters such as fire.


Location and security joining together became the name of our business, Bomb City Safes. We exist to help you find that peace of mind only a safe can give. We have partnered with leading manufacturers such as Liberty, American Security, Rhino, and Hollon to offer a wide range of safes from residential security containers to the premier fire and burglary rated safes.


Need a small container to provide basic fire protection for important documents? We have you covered.

Have guns that need to be secured? We have safes specifically designed for the gun owner.

Have a business in need of a drop safe? We can handle that too.


Now that you have the background, click on over to our home page and let us partner with you to find a safe solution for your peace of mind.